Peace is in your hands

Design by Karnaf

Peace is in your hands by Karnaf on Threadless
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I agree with hamimej. Get the style of the hands to match the rest of the bird, and you've got a customer!


Really neato idea, excellent colors and fantastic placement. In short, i hate it. Just kidding! Seriously, i don't mind if the hands stand out or not...i think that's kind of the point with the contrast.


Agree with first three. Like the idea, and I love the style of the bird. The hands just need a little work, imo.


It looks really good on the shirt.


Nice illustration. The lighting on the hands is odd for me. One is under-lit and the other shows the light source as coming from above. I think it works despite this though!


Very nice. Maybe make the lighting on the hands uniform (choose underlit or toplit), though.

I'd like to see this with a green/offwhite bird on a darker green shirt...


I love this and would buy it for my uber-peace-activist best friend in one second flat. $5


I lite the bird a lot but everything else is just too decorative for my taste...

3 up ;)

Miss Muffin

i, too, disagree with the first three...perfect and i adore it.

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