Peace In Rest...

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Peace In Rest... by fade2black on Threadless
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Look, it's the angel what talks to George Bush!


The angel's great, the gun is so-so, the shirt colour is terrible. A slate shirt would make the design pop, and help enormously with the sense of menace you're trying to create. That summer-sky blue undermines it completely.


I have to agree with the people, unfortunately. I can dig a violent angel, but...I dunno. I think it's the gun choice and the color combination (which is awesome in itself, but doesn't really lend itself to judgement, nor menice, nor anything dark) which throws me off.


if you called it the angel of death that would be sweet...just so that it would be something besides the sterotypical death with the sickle and black robe...


I love the colours, and the art is pretty nice-- but I don't really dig guns OR angels, so I wouldn't buy it.


amazing...i love the concept. i would like to think that the angels lookin out for me are armed. but in a different color. sadly this color makes the angel remind me of the statue of liberty. and well... that's just a bit too much.

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