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nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Wow for the French I am it doesn't look yummy! Anyway design and colors are pretty.


never understood this american thing. blurgh.

Accidental Amusement
Accidental Amusement profile pic Alumni

Scrumptious. I haven't had a pb&j since 4th grade though...


this shirt tells truth


I love PBJ,
but I want a PBJ t-shirt design that goes way
beyond an equation and I want its visuals to
go for it all... to go for all it can get! . . . to SOAR BEYOND MAN'S WILDEST DREAMS ! ! !


I would buy this for my sister. She's a complete PBJ fan.


That is adorable. The peanut butter looks a little more lumpy than I think it should though, it looks.. like something you wouldn't want to be eating. Love the composition.


you could do a version of The Dating Game
where Peanut Butter is behind the screen
choosing from the 3 bachelors -- honey,
jelly, and banana.

Food with Faces ! ! ! Yaaaaayyyyyy !
(time for a nap)

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

no you do not eat it after you make it...no one eats a PB&J...they are too perfect for mastication

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