Paved Paradise

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Paved Paradise by cearanissa on Threadless
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cearanissa profile pic Artist

Yup big yellow taxi :) Yeah id tried to add texture but it came across as kind of cluttered.


I think the dark blu-ish color and the brown are best.

I like the lower-right placement, except I think it could be bigger.

cearanissa profile pic Artist

Yeah really sorry about the gif i just got a new program and havent quite figured out the saving yet. Thanks for the comments I appreciate the feedback.

cearanissa profile pic Artist

I guess its about urbanisation if you wanna get technical. Its based ont he lyrics "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot" i guess a parking lot is more economically friendly :)


Nice concept, but I think that this could be executed a little better.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

amazing concept, pretty cruddy execution. Sorry...but id buy this concept if the illo hit me better...maybe if it wasnt so sloppy in appearance, and the parking lot was drawn in a different style than the incredibly stylized fantasy world...


You're crazy!
MY paradise dosen't have big scary horses with dangerous pointy horns to gore people with. :-p ^_^

I think a better thought provocative design would be a cartoonish yellow taxi crying while sunk in the mud in middle of wide open unpaved 'paradise'.
Entitled "Whose paradise?"


I love it on brown!

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