Pattern of Life

Design by Glennz

Pattern of Life by Glennz on Threadless
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Ya cocoon isnt very clear but nice colors!

theperk profile pic Alumni

very cool, great job!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice idea, and sure, evolutionarily a frog and butterfly might have a common ancestor, but that not what this is aboout...this suggests they come from the same egg that goes two seperate ways and is eating itself, which isn't true. And you don't give anything else to explain why they do come from they same egg. It's an intersting twist giving the punchline at the top where we first start looking, but by the time we get to the common egg, it's lost.


I don't think you got to change the cocoon, cause looking at it we (or at least I) basically get the gist of it and it looks good - IT WORKS!

Good fresh design.



I like it and I can clearly see the cacoon hangin on the branch.


I know I'm repeating what others
have said, but I think they need

The design should have two eggs.

The design should be flipped
so the progression works from
the top to the bottom.

The cocoon is hard to detect.

Great color transition.

The title could be
"Pattern of Death"
"Time for Lunch"

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