Pathogenic Microorganisms

Design by Ellsswhere

Pathogenic Microorganisms by Ellsswhere on Threadless
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JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

flying nipples, my favorite!

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

You know you want your very own flying nipples... all the older kids would want to hang out with you.


looks best on dark red shirt


i love how this came from the draw something blog. that was a whole lot of fun to play on.

very good design!!!

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

this is sweet but where's the towel time sub?

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

the towel time sub is coming next... im having them kill it though because i made the main pic a gif... so i hope they dont approve it before they get my email, i just made it swf because im sure alot of people are too lazy to check my profile. Prob should have done the same with this one for all the different colors.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

I love ignorance... its in gif format so its gonna look rough, it was traced with live paint after i drew it in photoshop to give it a less graphic look.
And most importantly, you took the time to comment about the color but failed to look at my profile and see there are 2 red color schemes. Thank you for making the effort though. HA!

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

Well i dont know about the DBZ style, ive never actually seenthe show. But this is an epic battle, its a matter of life an death!


i like #s 4 and 6, but i think the red blood cells should be filled in for #4. you could just use neg space for the depressions.

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