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Pasta Pattern by harpo25 on Threadless
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Oh danng.
If this covered the entire shirt
I'd buy it so fast.
Pasta is like 90% of my diet.


Very cool. Make it extend to the sides and also up and down! (If that makes sense.)


Pasta is the new plaid!


either cover the entire shirt, or make the pasta form a design of some kind. Like the Italian flag or something...


hmmm i like it.. perhaps add some other colour versions- like green or red? O wholemeal. It's just too yellowy as it stands. I'm gonna make me a bowl now! Mmmm

Frank Vice

i would like it to have a little more of an organic shape


Since printing on the seams can't be done, it would require some judicious spacing to cover the entire shirt without breaking the design pattern. You'd have to make it much less dense. An interesting idea, though.


yeah, if this had been allover it sooo should have been printed!

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