Parking Lots & Broken Hearts

Design by _Wheels03

Parking Lots & Broken Hearts by _Wheels03 on Threadless
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I think I'd lose the blood. Without it it would be verry funny, the deep sorrow of not being able to find your car.

With the blood, I think it looks as if the nice, sad little man has been shot in the parking lo.


_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Man, three posts and I'm already being hated on. I was hoping I could at least get to 5 comments without getting negative feedback, but I guess it's come to surprise me early. I'm deeply sorry for offending you with the use of blood (I'm not seeing any hearts), please accept my apology. Be on the lookout for my next submission, I promise it has no blood or hearts of any kind! :P


I like the shirt. But I agreem lose the blood. Also, I would use the character with the black outline & keep it filled with white (so you can't see the parking lines through him/her). Make a few tweaks & you might come up with a good score.


Point about the blood, I just like the concept better if the guy's sad about not being able to find his car. Still excellent either way.


Without the blood, I'd buy it.


very nice idea. And your little character is very cute. I agree that it should be opaque on the body, and i'm not too fussed about the blood, the expression in the character's eyes and the pose shows more about the feeling than the blood does.

5 for now, maybe a $ if it were tweaked ;)

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Alrighty, I'm getting ready to start revising this shirt. Here's a list of everything that needs to be improved:

opaque body
no blood
*different shirt color

You guys are ultimately the deciding factor as to what color this design is put on, so I need some input on what color would look the best. Thanks again for all the feedback, negative and positive!


i would loose the yellow lines...then i would buy it. 3

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Alright, I'm debating whether or not I should add a hollow heart shape instead of blood. I'll be sure to post some pics of a few different variations, so be sure to check back here soon!


in green or grey it'd b awesome....its so cute an so sad at the same time.....5 an buy

Alex M. Solefish

your shirt somehow surprised me.
kenno1981 made me laugh.

i felt a little confused...maybe the character's confusion rubbed off on me. i'm good with the blood, but i wish the character's outline was just solid black. if it's white outlined in black (the outline), it seems too busy to me, coupled with the blood splatter.

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Alright guys, so far I'm getting a lot of positive feedback for sad guy with opaque body, no blood while keeping the yellow lines on a light blue shirt. I'm just trying to get a list of what everyone wants so I can come back with an awesome revision. Hurry up, you've got about an hour left !

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Well, I guess I have another day of voting left.

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