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Any chance of getting a larger pic so we can read all of them?


so many quality tee's are coming out of the JOT contest.

and i'm so glad that my homestate says threadless on it. that's so awesome.

this needs to be printed.


Neat. Can we see a massive version?

hogboy profile pic Artist

No, if you read the crap I wrote at the start of it. I decided not to go with the blue type spanning the country bit. I wnted to see if anyone thought it might be a go-er so I left it on the guy... It's called a dollar both ways.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

I've always loved this one hogboy! Although, I prefer it with the blue paranormal going cross-country. Really cool fun idea. Its fun to just look at it and see what monsters go where. $5


seriously, this is superb 5


Brilliant. Louis Theroux episode homage may not be intentional (i wish it was) but its still rad rad rad.

Is eerie indiana in there?

oh and jackanpes will surely $5 this too.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni


Reminds me of Outer Limits, Unsolved Mysteries and the X-files back in the days.


i like it - good stuff

mezo profile pic Alumni stellar. I hope it's not really all blurry.

hogboy profile pic Artist

Yeah, sorry bout the zoom thing. Havn't got a handle on the Flash template. I did put up a huge version at myspace but it doesn't come up as large as in pshop. I'll work on it.


another delicious hunk of love 5


nice... what does it say in Pennsylvania? Squonk?? Never heard of him :D


The moth man is WVA, not Ohio. D:


haha just noticed 'threadless'

hogboy profile pic Artist

The origins of the mothman is west virginia however sightings range across a number of connected states.


i don't think i even need to say anything here. you're going to win for sure!



i love that you consider skunks paranormal. i love this shirt and i find that wierd considering i'm canadian.....go figure. 5$.

hogboy profile pic Artist

Ok just answer a few of these queries -

I tried to fit the Jersey Devil in but the area I had left to work with was so small it basically wouldn'tve printed.

Hawaii - shit no excuse I totally forgot... if this ever gets selected to print I promise I'll include it (it'll probably end up somewhere under the arm)

Size - well I'm sure you are all aware that presentations have to be a particular size... I should've made the presentation in Flash so it could be zoomed on but I don't know flash well. I am working on a large scale version posted somewhere.

finally - arrows, state borders - to be honest I wanted the words to make out the borders, the design is busy enough already without adding more lines etc, but thanks.


yeah, PA is hard to read.
but i love 'politicians'


since i can't read them all - i just have to say i really hope that chupacabra is on there somewhere

hogboy profile pic Artist

Oh gawd damn ALASKA! curse america and it's vast geography

asher27 profile pic Alumni

you forgot long island! its east of nyc, it kinda just juts out of NY state.
and you forgot hawai'i and alaska...

thats ok though, it still rocks.


it doesnt have long island. and thus i shalt not buy it

hogboy profile pic Artist

gaaahh my pencil was not sharp enough to get the level of detail to do stuff that small(long island)... As I've said befor e all this stuff (Hawaii, Jersey Devil, Mothman, Alaska & now Long Island) has been compiled on my list of fix ups... thanxs y'all.


new color and ill love it 5


I'm Canadian, and I'd still give it a $!


How 'bout cyan on black?
-shoulda put in the Jersey devil, too.

hogboy profile pic Artist

Actually google claims it's La Llorona... ha see we're both wrong!!

but thanks, I'll add it to my list:

Jersey Devil
Long Island
Mothman returned to West Virginia
& now La Llorona (or La Llarona)...

will all be fixed IF this gets printed.


very nice:)

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