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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

the short cut for copy/cut in copy & paste/cut & paste is cmd + C on a MAC, on a PC it is crtl + C.....

I really like this one, very simple and sweet. I think cmd + p might be more appropriate, but I'd buy it none-the-less


CMYK attacks! AHH!

Yeah, I love the CMYK aspect. I'd wear it.


I really like the whole designer/printer design this is -- but I also think command - p would make more sense, no?


I thought cut was with Xs not Cs?


nice icon printed on T!

blue usagi

yeah! >< you should definitely put in the X!! or you can put in the key for Ctrl and X in it...

either way, it'd be very cool!

(the cmd/apple C is just to copy, not to remove like cmd/apple X least, that's what i thought...)

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