Pan-head Posidriv Boy

Design by Flexi

Pan-head Posidriv Boy by Flexi on Threadless
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Wow, this image is hard to read.
I'm glad I have the title to guide me.

I pity the viewers trying to
understand what they are
looking at without knowing
the title.

1 The black squiggle is so abstract that it
can be interpreted as almost anything.
( I've decided it's a large nose hair )

2 The body and head are sideways
and partially covered.

3 The pattern on the bottom of the
pot threw me off that it was a
kitchen container. ( It reminds me
of a Phillips screw )

4 The screw is easily discernible.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I really dig the idea, the only thing that bugs me is the curly-q down the middle, other than that, very nice.

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