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no . . . no it's not


yea this is not exactly the same at all. It looks pretty good, i would like it more on the left side

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

it's not bad, but seriously....pandas have been done a million times on this site alone. The design is ok, but for it to have a panda in it and work, it's gotta be revolutionary and amazing since there are so many....
But, NOT BAD! Especially for a first sub.


yes pandas have been done before, but to be perfectly honest i like this panda shirt much better than the others; i really do like the shirt color actually although green would be nice as well. $5


I love pandas. You can never, ever have too many panda shirts.


does it need a meaning to be a good shirt? can't it just be cool??


make it bigger, so that the string continues up to the top of the shirt.


hate the shirt color (need brighter)...but i absolutely love pandas so i really want this.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Amelia84, at 11:05am on May 17, 2006

this concept is getting a little tired...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

no, this is still a concept.

3 pandas, plantation, tshirt - concept. It's interesting that what you're trying to argue is that you don't even think about what you design...

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