Pandas Bite!

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Robsoul profile pic Artist

Thanks POSTSCRIPT ROT, appreciate the comment because it is exactly what I'm aiming at.

Now about the balloons: as you can see the girls shirt has balloons, the "detail" has the balloons, but the guys shirt does not have balloons. What do you think?

Secondly, the positioning: girls, lower right, guys, middle chest...???

postscript ROT

is any of the text anywhere on the shirt?

Robsoul profile pic Artist

As for connection, I seriously had no idea, never even heard of em until now. They're not to bad either, at least he can sing well. Now I want to change my panda so it doesn't look so alike, maybe get rid of the running blood, just keep the red mouth, less bloody... eh maybe not.

Text. Now that you mention it, I could have put the "pandas bite!" (in the same font) on the left upper chest, kinda small, 14 or 16 point. Text breaks so many good shirts though, but it does need that frame of reference.


I'm a guy, and I wouldn't buy the shirt if the panda had balloons on it.


i like the postioning for the girls but for the guys it seems like it needs to be bigger or moved down a tad

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Yes, Illustrator (CS) brush.


I really liked it but it took me a little bit to figure out what was going on.


haha quite sweet!

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