Pandas aren't as nice as they would have you belie

Design by steven218

Pandas aren't as nice as they would have you belie by steven218 on Threadless
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i dig it...


I really like this shirt, but not so much the font...the two dots to the right of the "P" bother me. Still gets a $5!


^^ agreed! I really dig it without the text. 5


i like it... but it's strange, like craphazzard pointed out, after a few minutes all you see is a toilet seat...


i think you should increase the amount of loot outside so its more obvious what they're doing. keep the text.


the background really does look like a toilet seat


i think this idea's great! please keep the text but change the font. i agree with penguin89 - more loot outside. i'd love to buy this! GOOD WORK

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Fair play about the font - I'd used that one because I wanted somethng that looked oriental to match the pandas and would give that feeling of a foriegn language being translated when read.

But all comments are welcome so hey ho (let's go)


The background actually does look like a toilet seat. If you can do something to make it more spotlighty it would be good. You could either make the font readable, or take it away and add more coins so its easier to tell what they are doing. 4


Steven: There's a whole bunch of fonts out there that would work better. Check out:

I love the idea.


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cheers Tephlon, I'll go have a look

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I do now people have said it, but it never occured to me b4 - a case of wood for the trees probably?!


Yay! More panda shirts! Print this now, or the pandas will eat you.

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