Palestinians Rock

Design by bananaphone

Palestinians Rock by bananaphone on Threadless
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o, BP, how do you do it? amen my brotha, amen


Don't worry, T-Shirt Hell will most likely steal this by the end of the week.


Yeah they steal ALL their shit. No joke.

Anyways this is probably the first design from bananaphone that i like. 4

bananaphone profile pic Artist

this is a strange time to start liking me =P

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

that's a godd idea, you should submit it to t-shirt hell before they steal it.

they say the max they pay out is $500, ask for $500


$5 just for the over teh top bad taste of it all.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I just wanted to say that it upsets me when anything to do with israel/palestine, and their conflict is quickly linked to the holocaust.
It seems the freedom to speak is limited as long as you don't mention israel, jews, and/or their relation to current conflicts in the middle east (particularly with palestine)

This is clearly a tongue in cheek design, which sits arms length away from any political view on either side.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I actually enjoy throwing rocks myself.


Having much distaste for the Israeli government, I can't find this that amusing.


I must have this.


Your best yet banana!

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Actually not only are the values different, there is no yellow or white.

So fuck off, and quit bitching just because you were sprung for stealing not only concepts directly off someone elses design, but their colours AND style.

You got busted asshole, live with it.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

If theres no such thing as stealing colours why accuse me of doing so, from a CYMK using design no less?

Obviously you're not a designer, you're just a stupid fuckwit.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

And you don't think theres such a thing as stealing an entire colourscheme?

Lets see you run around with mcdonalds colours and a yellow M and see how much they care... I think you'll find not only you're incredibly wrong - but just because I haven't said it and stressed it enough.


Thankyou for dropping by.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

no no, you are mistaking sarcasm for stupidity. Don't do that again.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

the original version had an israeli tank and sniper on top of the wall, but i didnt feel like they came out well enough in the design.


in all the fervor over the message and politics of the shirt, people seem to be neglecting a pretty key point: the design needs some work. The little people sort of look like the Pathfinder window got really pissed off at you. So I mean, chances are, this isn't getting printed, so any argument over who will be affected by wearing it is pretty moot.


maybe someday i'll need a present for a dude i don't like!

bananaphone profile pic Artist

yeah I didn't steal any colours, neodreamer is just shitty that I was the one that busted him on the blogs.


When I was young I used to throw rocks with a friend, after a few weeks he was gone, I think the army took him.
4 $$

bananaphone profile pic Artist

if you don't want to score, then don't. There are thousands of submissions that will never be printed, so get over it.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

that's not true at all, if anything it's bad taste =)

mezo profile pic Alumni

You did quite a nice job on the letter rendering.

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