Paisley Paramecium

Design by secretly robots

Paisley Paramecium


mj00 profile pic Alumni

Pretty excellent. The world needs more paisley, and this is a good concept.


HAHAH thats great. $5

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

This is a really great idea, I think it could use a bit my color to flush it out.


Great idea, and it looks simple clean and nice! $5


this would make a bitchin' pattern for naked & angry.


this is a really really sweet idea and its very cleanly well done... but i am not 100% sure about putting it right in the middle like that... possibly put something like a magnafying glass to the side as if its zooming in like in science books and stuff... still great looking

5 plus a possible buy


paisley reminds me of old wallpaper and i dont really like it. i love this tho $5

Edword profile pic Alumni

congrats on number 4!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

This is a must have! Congrats!


THIS is one of my absolutely favorite designs.

However, as a scientist, it drives me so freakin crazy that I would never buy it because, for one, you don't need a microscope to see something that has a scale in terms of milimeters, and two, if that was under a microscope, it would be wrong.

In conclusion, if the first m would have been an n, i'd be all over this shirt like e. colli on tap media. (nm, um, anything else.)

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