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Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I think this would look great on a shirt. $5.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

awesome colors and illo :) yea!!

grayehound profile pic Artist

I was looking through an old sketchbook of mine when I ran across that head. I'd be willing to bet I was looking at kinsey's style, breaking it down and doing my own version of it when I drew it. Love his stuff, so I'm calling this my tribute to him.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

shweet, love the colors. 5+$

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

this doesn't look like Kinsey's at ALL. I grew up in San Diego, I've seen Kinsey's work for years and maybe some of the technique is possibllly similar but please METASAURUS, that's reaching.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i'm buying this when its printed $5


i feel like i would rather have this as my desktop wallpaper than a t-shirt


Lovely design. You should lose the red splotch in the lower right, though, it's kind of distracting.


Just because someone is painting themselves doesn't make it an Escher copy. It's not like Escher owned the patent on the idea!

What a wonderful image and amazing colors! Thisw would definitely look amazing on a shirt!


Design is cool, but I would suggest a different color for the shirt. The way you use negative sapce to make the body of the character is a great detail.


dave Kinsey style

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