Paint the Silence

Design by silverqe

Paint the Silence by silverqe on Threadless
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silverqe profile pic Artist

This design was based off of several pages I scanned in from my personal sketchbook. I draw and paint in an 9x12 sketchbook very often; I write things and paint and doodle anything that comes to mind. I went back and looked through the pages, and a page in particular inspired me, where I had written "paint the silence" over and over. That is what drawing is to me - painting over the silence of a blank page. (Excuse my cheesiness.)

I re-worked and combined the sketcbook scans in the computer to add color and cohesion, and this is my result!

Larger view of the design here:

Original sketchbook pages:

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Love the textures.




i would love this withOUT the brush. i don't really get what is with so many designs including the brush / pencil / artist that drew or is actively drawing the picture. this is so fantastic otherwise...


rad, this will get printed

silverqe profile pic Artist

Yeah, the paintbrush was part of my original sketch, but it's definitely easily removable from the design. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. :)


it's a great texture!
how did you do that?

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