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Stolen from where? If you're talking about the gnome sub, I sincerely doubt the idea/color scheme was stolen... they were likely submitted at around the same time and it can take weeks for them to go up.


Um, where have i seen this before? Same idea, same color scheme. I think done better here.


^Annnd that only went up three days ago.


I know that the dates that they go up vary, but I always assumed it took at least a few days.

And I didn't see that blog before. That makes things a bit more... interesting.

invisibleelement profile pic Artist

So here is the image that I really wanted to submit, but due to time constraints I had to post what I had.

I have always been drawn to nostalgia in design, and have been wanting to submit a paint by number themed design for quite some time now. I in fact packaged my website : InvisibleElement.comaround the idea of using paint by number last year. Too bad it took me this long to find time, and a decent theme (Science of Sleep) to apply it to.

To be honest, while checking out the blogs, after I submitted I saw pinup-artists gnome submission (nicely executed) for the first time. I knew that it was gonna be interesting from then forward. Of course some people in the threadless community were going to accuse me and or anyone else who ever had the paint by number “gimmick” of being unoriginal and a rip off artist. To say the least, this happened to be a coincidence. Of course you can believe me or continue to call me whatever, but at least have the decency to look at the design itself and judge it by its concept and execution.

Oh, and by the way, be looking for my next pending submission . It also is a paint by number “gimmick”.

Thanks to all those who appreciated my design!

Ava Adore

I like your work alot!


deary jesus.... so apaprently the gnome-freak invented both the primary colour scheme AND the paint-by-numbers gimmick?       for shame, Slumber.... for shame.... LMA-OH people suck sometimes. acutally, i like this one much better.... i can see this being worn by guys alot more than the other one... the other one was just abit tooo cutesy, and it doesn't help that the example shirt they inserted looks like its made for a chick w/ the curved sides and all.... im not bashing anybody.. i just prefer this one more, style- and design-wise...

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

I am loving it!!! $5 definitely from me! GOod used of colour and imaginative illustration!!!

invisibleelement profile pic Artist

I really appreciate everyones comments and helpful votes.


i love it.... :) i want it now!!!

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