Pacmans brother was a pie chart

Design by CazKing

Pacmans brother was a pie chart by CazKing on Threadless
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Believe it or not this initially was just a pie chart idea. I was gonna call it "Greedy Pie Chart" but then decided what the hell let's make it about Pacman coz there just isn't enough pacman designs on here ;)

Thanks to Ninth Wheel for the template.

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(●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃) /█\ ♥/█\

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ma kettle

he was a greedy pie chart!!! haha!!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

love pacman designs!


love pie chart designs!

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Haha touche. I've gotten sick of all the Pac Man designs but I was glad to see this one. Nice work!

CazKing profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments!

CazKing profile pic Artist

gambagamba - this concept as far as I know hasn't been done before. If you are referring to pacman well thats actually the theme not the concept. There are a lot of pacman ideas around - threadless has printed quite a few - that tells me there is obviously a market here for them. But hey you can have your opinion, i just don't agree with it.

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ha ha

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Pac-Man as a pie chart has been done in some form or another on memes and shirts before, but never in this way, so imo it's prefectly legit as an original take on the everyone's favorite pellet gobbler. Might like it even more without any faces on any of the pieces, and maybe have some more lines and separataions on pac-man's bigger piece with different colors as well so the design doesn't need the dotted line portion and can be a little more abstract. Good luck!


My brother was a pie chart... and he's always felt that there was something missing. :D

CazKing profile pic Artist

hey thanks for the comments! And thanks for FA for your constructive feedback which I always value and prefer over "be original will ya"

ma kettle

haha!! there's so many of those overqualified scorers on Threadless who can't tell a concept from a theme.....

just skip without scoring if you can't be constructive!!

I like this!! : )

CazKing profile pic Artist

thanks.... 2 more days...


cute pacman :D

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