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Pac-Man is hiding in NYC!

Optional 4th ghost placement on back or GLOW. I will provide a link below...

Big thanks to those who helped critique -

toopersent, ratkiss, Krimson, chemi hydro, LINK2DPAST, dbrv11

You six get 50 dollar Gift certificates if it prints!

Big thanks to ir0cko for the tee pics.
Big thanks to Manos for the flash template.

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

Nicely done! $5

dbrv11 profile pic Alumni

It came out GREAT!

Also, since when is New York that lonely?

Depends on what street you walk down. Some neighborhoods in Manhattan are dead (ha-ha) at night because they are commercial areas.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Cool man. Im glad this came together like it did, very pretty.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Awesome. I like it better without the map. It would be awesome if possible to have a glow option where the ghost turn blue. Don't know if that would be possible though. 5$


I LOVE it. No map. 5$

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

SO COOL...I will wear almost ANYTHING video game related!!!


$5 ! VERY NICE!! i love it(:


This is great!

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