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When I was a kid owls where my favourites. I thought that they could turn their heads 360° and would stay up all night without ever getting tired. Staying up late is going pretty well meanwhile, but I´m still working on that head thing.


I agree with prettypatty...


so cool


very nice

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Thank you all very much for your kind comments, it´s really appreciated :-)))

Concerning prettypattie`s & chiaraodd´s comment: yep, you are alsolutely right guys. I´ve uploaded two designs one for the regular challenge and one was for the Gap Kids Challenge. Unfortuately a mix-up happened and the designs ended up in the wrong Challenges: The one with the skull in the Kids Challenge and the Kids one (which is even placed on an onesie) is in the regular Running now. Don´t now what to do, how to switch things to right again. :-(((( Already contacted the support team when I noticed the mistake yesterday, but as it´s weekend I didn´t receive any reply yet...and I think I won´t get one before the Gap challege is closed today..

Any ideas anybody what to do?? Can I submit the kids design also in the Gap Kids Challenge although it´s already in the regulat challenge already by mistake???

I´d be really thankful for any idea, as I´m definetly clueless right now....


Really really nice design. I'd buy if definitely. I'd say submit it before the challenge ends, and if the support team don't think that's the right solution they'll just decline the submission, but you may as well get it in there before it closes.

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Thanks a lot, feeling so flattered.. (^_^)/


I know plenty of people who would put their kid in this, no problem.


Nice design!


lovely :))

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Thank you!! ♥ ♥ ♥


I like it with the skull think of the kids that like there stuff a bit more edgy, its not like its black with cross bones or anything.

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