Overcoming Insanity (AKA "The designer blues")

Design by slaterock

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Not sure if I would ever wear it, but real slick design!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Someone likes showing themselves naked...you any relation to Stephan Sagmeister? Good illustration, though I rarely take kindly to people who hide hands and faces in their life drawing. Unique idea, but I just don't know if it's somethingt I'd see someone wearing.

slaterock profile pic Artist

grayehoud, I originally planned on including hands, but with the scarf, I thought mittens would go well with it. And, the face thing is just a style preference. But I understand your comment, and will keep that in mind for the next go-round.


....Intresting. I rather like it. I'm not shure If I could see myself wearing it, but it's a cute idea anyhoo...

slaterock profile pic Artist

I'm finding this competition very difficult to enapsulate in a design. You don't want to be too cliche, but not too abstract. It's a challenge, but I've got one more chance after this baby. Thanks for the crits and comments everyone!


I love it, I don't know why. I think it's the duck. You get a buy, my friend.


Hehe, this is a nice contribution to the contest, I think it's very original.
The only crit I have is that his left leg seems too short, because you show part of his upper foot, but that's only nitpicking, really.

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