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fourcolourblack profile pic Artist

Ok ok, i did post this as my first threadless submission... but i was hasty and didn't realise you could display full art and didn't just have to show them on the tshirt (doh!).
sooooo, here is my slightly improved "Over And Out" on Pacific Blue.

The analogue TV broadcast is due to be turned off between 2008 - 2012 in the UK, and by February of 2009 in the US. I wonder how much longer the arials will be looking down on us though?

Salty Rubberbands

Just looking at it makes me feel like my heart is clogged up with cholesterol.

Oh wait, I'm American. Of course my heart's clogged up.

Well, anyway, It's a really good design. Well drawn, good idea- but it's so akward to me. Like, well-done flowy graphics like this are the kind that (I think) should be blown up to a large size and placed at a lower corner of the tee, to provoke interest.

Matt of 7and34

Very likeable composition and graphic treatment. Like it!

fourcolourblack profile pic Artist

fullbleed perhaps. Rob Dobi is one of the finest designers around right now, so I'd be lying if i said i wasn't influenced by him on this kind of stuff.

i should have mentioned, these are all arials i see on my daily 40 minute walk to work each day.

.onion profile pic Alumni

I don't think that placement is possible.

Knight Errant

Very cool. Would buy this

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