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Outbreak Kojak

Design by eskimokiss

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eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Hey can anyone out there check this design that I submitted and that was rejected by the 2 jakes and tell me if it offends them, or if they find it inappropriate in any way, shape or form.

i seriously thought that "Outbreak Kojak" would get rejected, not the design that is promoting a good cause. Ah well :/


better than the original.

Ava Adore

good stuff!

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

In what way anistrophic? copyright on girl fridays design, or on the image she downloaded and then traced in illustrator? I don't see how I'm breaking any copyright standard. The only similarity between "outbreak girl" and "outbreak kojak" is the dust mask, the neck and tatt, and the colour of the shirt. And just a reminder.. this is a piss take. Do you know what that means???


the face angle and the mask angle are different , they don't really match perfect ... or maybe i am too tired :)

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Some people just don't get it....

wwoop: read the f@cking previous comments before making a comment yourself. What the hell did I say in my first comment? It's not meant to be printed!!

And for f$cks sack it is in no way breaching any copyright standards. To make the comment like anistrophic that you can copyright a "style" is ludicris. If that were the case everyone on threadless would be breaching copyright.

I'd say there would be probably over 300 people submitting and only 4 styles between them all.. get a grip people


its neat yo...

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