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I LOVE it! Both in the yellow and the blue. How to decide!! AND it has latin. loves $5!


pretty rad.




Ex libris usually means "from the library of" (like ex libris Smithsonian, or whatever) but I think your meaning here is totally clear. I really like this.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't have a great memory, so maybe I'm wrong, but this reminds me of Reading Rainbow for some reason. Was there a flying book on that? Hmm.....I don't remember. Anyway, pretty cool, 4

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

nice, reminds me of moss' 'learn to fly' which is one of my favs of his


I've decided! The yellow totally rocks.

Maybe yellow for girls and blue for guys?

Anyway, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$5

Verdana profile pic Artist

Yeah, apologies to all the scholars in here. I don't study Latin, and the blurb wasn't meant to be a literal translation (if it were, I wouldn't have given two versions of the phrase in English.) It just tries to explain the thought process that took me from "this book belongs to me" to "Would it not be FREAKING AMAZING if books could fly?"

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.

Verdana profile pic Artist

Well, again, I know it's not a literal translation. It's more a representation of the English understanding of the phrase.


when i exit the library i usually feel that expansion of fresh air and trees and birds singing and realize all that are in books are dead words
i like your illustration in the block where the book flies off the best


awww... PBS. Le sigh.


Very effective presentation *

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I agree.
I like this more cause the the story behind it^^
Good job!

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