Out, damn spot!

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Out, damn spot! by crashboxing on Threadless
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love this.
... tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...


funny how smooth criminal is on the same page under 'hot products'


it's "damned" spot, by the way...

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It's like two of the hands from the "Smooth Criminal" tee got out of their cuffs and embraced each others wounded limbs! Strange spot on the shirt for the damn spot, and def not my thing, but very nice illo of the two hands grasping.


a shakespear shirt thats not a corny joke well done...


If it's going to have the shakespeare reference then it really should be quoted correctly. (I don't know about U.S. schooling but its pretty much compulsary to have read studied Macbeth by age 16)
A larger image of the hands would be useful, because they don't look accurate
aaaand....it just looks like someone slashed their wrists. and is holding hands with someone to 'take the pain away' erm....is this 'damned spot' a point in their traumatised and painful teenage suburban life...a self hatred that they cant scrub or cut away....


Nice style though


Wonderfully drawn and I love the text, is it supposed to be two seprate hands holding each other because otherwise its awkward 'wringing' of the hands.

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Have some respect.


ahh hell i just finished reading this in class... but great design... keep text, without it its not the same.

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Try holding your hands in that position. It's possible, but ridiculous. It's a picture of the clasped hands of two different people unless Lady MacBeth was wringing her hands behind her head. This makes me think of a pubescent suicide pact rather than the noble bard. Good effort though.

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