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Our Slumbering Savior

Design by Ellsswhere

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This is one of my favorite designs ever. Including prints.


nice design ellsswhere. good color choices and detail...not get those links up for the larger images - the zoom is fuzzy.


I like it, but kind of think the back would be nicer on the front, I like that image over the other...


I agree. I would just want the back image on the front.


anyone seen starwars clone wars cartoons from cartoon network? guy on front kinda reminds me of him, diggin the back graphic tho.

She Says So

i like i like i like

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

Great colors (shirt and design), and great illustration!

It's borderline cute, but you can tell there's more to it. Nicely done.


whoa! ive always been a fan of your work ellsswhere! this is one id put on the top of my lists for the competition!

staffell profile pic Alumni

the illustration on the back of the shirt should be a design on its own - I HIGHLY recommend subbing that, and when i say highly, I mean sub it or else!!! hehe. Looks like a 12 month quality shirt then


Very awesome.
Never too much art for one shirt, I really like the idea of more than one side of the shirt being awesome.


This is awesome.

We need a PSA in the blogs that initial comments aren't coming through, though. It's a bummer, especially when the artist doesn't catch the sub as soon as it goes up.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

awwwwwwwww your kidding me... i had a whole back story about the city and why the guys sleeping! this problem has become annoying. Well here are the links for the larger versions:
Larger versions
800 x 541 version
1203 x 1000 version


Love it... but back prints? No thanks, not only do they give stalkers an alibi but they get really uncomfortable when you sweat yourself.


Gringz profile pic Alumni

that little town is damn cool


Oh nice. And the right color too. Bonus.


It reminds me of Neo Ranga...which is a good thing.


I really like the design (both front and back) but my hair would totally cover up the back design.


I agree with anonymoose -- I could see this on two shirts. Two awesome shirts. I love the illustrations here.


I cannot believe this didn't break 3.

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