"Our Interchangeable Hands Are Numerous"

Design by pokermonk

"Our Interchangeable Hands Are Numerous" by pokermonk on Threadless
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arremgee profile pic Alumni

I liked the previous version a lot more. But if you fix up the typography on the back I'd still buy this.


Reminds me of an uncle of mine...


Nina Elizabeth

Holy crap.

I usually hate shirts with writing on the back, but I would totally buy this. Because I'm weird like that.

Also, you nearly made me choke on my french fries. You still get a 5$ though.


extremly cute. :)


"our interchangeable hands are numerous" ? come on that is retarded.
how about just have captain hook or somebody on the back to explain it.
or have a sweet key at the bottom explaining what hand is good for what.

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