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I like the owl...pretty


don't get the text. like the owl.


thesparrowband on Dec 09 '06
all you guys who are saying lose the text are so incredibly stupid. how can you use the internet and not know what that means.

how can you use the internet and not know the orly owl is old and worn out. the style of the owl is very nice though.


why does threadless hate my html? screw you too threadless.


lol @ nerds making fun of people for not spending their whole lives on a computer. why does the owl have a mouth instead of a beak?


i love the text....plz leave it


hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! keep the text, it makes it what it is. it's a well-executed design, i like your style and use of colours. it's beautiful AND hilarious!!! $5.

Ava Adore

haha no wai!
nicely done!


The illustration is great, I don't think it goes well with the text. It makes sense but it just looks wrong. Not giving you a bad score though.


I like the owl a lot, but I'm sorry, I dont get the text, and I'm on the internet 10 hours a day. Must be a niche I'm not familiar with.


Isn't the o rly thing done? This design was up here over a year ago.


They're nothing similar, except the o rly. Your style is gorgeous (I especially liked your dragon), I just think the o rly thing is dated and done.


Leave the beak as it is. The "mouth" is what caught my eye in the first place.


i kno youve heard it a thousand times... but... LOVE the owl. hate the text.

itd be 5$ with out the text.


Great job--the world needs more O RLY owls. =P And I love love love that owl, it's so well drawn; awesome style. But I don't really like the combination of the two. But then, maybe it's cool that way, how much they sorta...clash? oh damn, I dont even know what I think anymore. ... im such a n00b... well whatever, its awesome anyway. ya rly!


I really like it! The colors are great - just no text... His muppet-like mouth is cool...

andyg profile pic Alumni

Looks awesome! You have a cool technique going!

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