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Original tree by bejung on Threadless
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She Says So

nice but not sure about the colour combo.


I think is gorgeous just the way it is...I'd buy it!


Prefer the centered version, would get a bale for my greenie pals.


i really love this.. and i don't have much preference difference between the two placements. very nice design indeed! 5$

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i wish the trunk didnt end so abruptly but the rest is great


like it but not the dolphin, cheeseys it up a bit too much, better with just birds


definitely bottom placement and I love it except for some reason the dolphin up top looks a little awkward.


wow, I love it
bottom placement for me


bottom. for sure. love love love it. i would definetly buy this one. hella fast.
great job.
9 and money

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