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WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

I am certain crank calls have been around since the invention of the telephone.

One color on olive, but could work on any shirt color using an ink of a similar but darker (or lighter) color. No special effects needed.

Thanks to the lovely Maltzmania for modeling and to you all for voting!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this is great - olive wins too - 5$

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

hahaha good old fashioned fun for surrrre!

courtney pie

i gotta 5 this, just for the pure fun of it


i love the "i'll hold" punchline

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I like it. It looks good. Maybe make the design a little smaller on the shirt, though.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

what is married to the sea?

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Funny concept and super-cool style!



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Tee hee Simpsons'esque and awesome-esque to boot!

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks, everybody!

and pop-monkey, yours would have been a really useful critique if you could have given suggestions on how to improve. sadly i can't take away anything from your statement except that i suck at art! oh well.


Not that the guy looks just like him, but for some reason I just think Lincoln when I see this.

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept, love the cross hatching too.


very nice, personally i'dd like the speach bubble better if the line were of the same thickness as the rest and so the text. thinner and calligraphy-like, not print like,,,i dunno just think it would match the rest better


hahahahahah nice.


Sorry - the Simpsons did it first.


Yes, I'll hold.



Any shirt with a mustache on it is a friend of mine (well if I were to befriend cotton...don't judge me).

Really like the cross hatching, very well done. I think this is perfect for the contest.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks, everybody! i don't think it's going to do as well as i had originally hoped, but it's nice to see that some people like this. only two more days :-)

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni
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the concept is very similar to something you'd see on Married To The Sea. But unlike MTTS, where Natalie Dee uses royalty free imagery, this sub is clearly 100% original. And very clever to boot.

In summation, 5.


I really wish it would be made clear what contest each design is for (if it is for a contest).
I like this anyway.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I like it but would wish that the text was hand drawn and not just a type font. The font just seems too "neat" next to the hand drawn illustration.


I think it would best if the design was much smaller.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I dig the textures.

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