Orgy Sardines

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Orgy Sardines by KDLIG on Threadless
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KDLIG profile pic Artist

Duh! see what's happening inside your sardines container, what's the fuzz all about those little fishes


D: ............


Oh wow, that's gross!

Really well done, but really gross.

My suggestion? Get rid of the condoms. I'm not trying to promote unsafe fish sex here, but I think they take it a little over the top.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

i don't know, maybe i'm just a risky designer,tsk!tsk!tsk!, too bad for me ey?! hehehe :)

Jahoosawa profile pic Alumni

Design is too big. Lose the condoms. Maybe more deffinaition between the male fish and the G's.


I like it, keep the colors!


why are there condoms when they all look female?

KDLIG profile pic Artist

why? can you figure fishes with their sexes just by looking? hmmm...let's ask the animal planet :)


they all look like girl fishies to me, which makes me wonder why they need condoms? but the condoms are a great detail, so one of them fishies needs to butch it up. i totally lol at this though. nice!
oh and it works best on the cream and pink tees.


do fish have penises?
i dont know
its a little too busy
with the condoms and such

i like the concept
but not the colour


bootless maundy on Feb 02 '07 ahhh, the colour makes it look like animated little male genitalia, am i wrong? lol.

I tend to agree... although at first glance I thought it was some kind of labia with faces (lwf). I'm sure it's the color.... plus my weird imagination I suppose.


Take the condoms out, but I'll give you a 5 :)


Yep. Take the condoms out. Keep the cigarette. Try a two-shade variation for the fish and consider a tin logo. "Extra salty" if you want to spell it out...

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