Ordinary Heroes

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Ordinary Heroes by Monkey II on Threadless
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adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

this is nice.

The Ending

I dont like how his feel are facing upwards... unless his super power is double jointed ankles? :-p


How about correcting the perspective on the feet and using something else for the 'noise' rather than the sonic waves coming from the side of her head?

Maybe put something in the lower back corner or the bottom corner of the front that represents the noise. Mouse? Monster?


I agree with apossum on all counts. sex and feet. that didn't sound right.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

Everything is wrong!!! She has no mouth and c'mon they are as green as their pillows. Crappy unrealistic design.


i like the feet sticking out, but they do look a little displaced... maybe if you had half a leg sticking out of the blankets, more sprawly-like... that would be neat. also, to me, it looks like the noise is coming from her head... i think it would be an easy fix, just turn the direction of the ((( to )))) still getting smaller toward her head. maybe a little smaller too, so that it's more obvious that it is going to her ear, and that she isn't shaking herself. i really like your concept, i hope these suggestions are useful! hope this (or some version of this) is printed!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

great suggestions - I'll rework it!

herky profile pic Alumni

very true indeed, great concept and colors

R G profile pic Alumni



I thought she was masturbating because he was too sleepy for sex. Looked like the lines indicated motion, I guess...

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