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order in chaos by travis76 on Threadless
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JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

yes..cause what I really want to see is a bunch of indie kids wearing anarchy t shirts....... *shudder


that's the only anarchy tshirt i'd ever wear.

individualist anarchism kicks syndicalist anarchism's ass.


the (1/3)d and (2/3)r arent clear enough in what they label, i know what you mean though. its an okay design.


I love it.

Don't really care about the anarchy bit, but the fact that you put geometry into it makes you my hero. :) What a juxtaposition!

Not only would I buy this shirt, I would buy one for my best friend and my little brother. (Okay, especially my little brother.)

Travis, you rock. And this design totally made my day. Thank you!


that (A)=pi is realllly bugging me
it's either a statement about trig, or wrong
pi is half a circle (in radians)


Wow, what a great design. Usually I´d never wear an "Anarchy"-shirt but I´d totally wear this one. 5+$


Beautiful idea. <3 I would wear it. $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

You're SO punk rawk.
This is a good concept. And it's execution is very much unlike your typical subs (bravo!).

I'm giving it a 5....but I don't think I could wear an anarchy t-shirt at the age I am. SIGH.


I like it, although I'd prefer a smaller print off set to the bottom left or right.


I really like this one, I'd definitely get it. I think it's best centered on the chest, I don't much care for the t-shirts with designs in the lower corners.


See this is cool, just because most people I see with Anarchy signs on their person are drugged up teenage slackers.


I wouldn't wear it but I'll give it a 4 none the less.

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