Orangeland Invaders

Design by Glennz

Orangeland Invaders by Glennz on Threadless
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side a

i like the illustration.. but i wouldn't wear the shirt.


Don't change the design one bit! It's perfect!

Ava Adore

lol cool characters


I like it! The horror of the oranges feels palpable. At first glance the juicer looked like a sombrero. I'd almost like to see an oblivious orange excited about the juicer thinking its a hat, unaware of his fate as the other oranges run in terror!

Pacifique profile pic Alumni

You shouldn't be posting shirts on threadless, you should be starting your own company.

Damn you Glennz, damn you.


love it!!!


I agree with some of the other commenters. While I know that the juicer is flying, it isn't hugely apparent without another reference point like a horizon line as someone above suggested. The shadow is a great reference, but the second orange covers it so its effectiveness is lost for me.
If the juicer was further back, the shadow was further back and that would combat that problem. But the horizon line idea is a good one to me. Even if it was just a partial line that was in the vicinity of the juicer space ship.
Now to the good stuff! Again, the sassyness of the concept gets me every time. I would like to bottle your sense of humor (and a bit of your talent, too) and use it on special occasions :) I like the design very much.
Oh, and my mum wishes your starship in a bottle one got printed, because she thinks it's awesome :)


Man, I love this... Print, please.


I'll be buying this one too when it comes out :)

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