Operation White Rabbit

Design by DEXXON

Operation White Rabbit by DEXXON on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the caterpiller looks like blue intestines

courtney pie

the style of the caterpiller/alice and the agents don't match up


on chest!


Okay... the third DEA dude from the left is BEHIND the mushroom, yet pointing AWAY from it. Is he aiming at the second DEA guy? Is he secretly having an affair with DEA 2's wife? Is he trying to bump him off? Is he just a DEA man gone BAD???


He needs Lasik surgery... :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just saw Alice peering out from behind the mushroom on second examination. That makes the whole thing funnier for some reason. I agree it should be a bit different style because it's from a totally different reality, so i don't mind the two diff styles. I do mind the agent pointing as if to blow his own man's head off. Maybe one can be coming up from the ground as if secretly hiding with some sod and a mushroom on its head? Or coming down from a rope? nice idea and drawing tho.

DEXXON profile pic Artist

Sexy Randal you are a genius. The styles are supposed to be different. The 2 different styles represent real situation entering the fantasy world of Wonderland. My work here is done...


why is it a hooka
they're not illegal

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