Operation Needed

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Operation Needed by man835 on Threadless
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hehe, this is funny, I like it. I agree with weaponxdh, I'd love to see the tongs and more organs and bones.

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Hi all, thanks very much for the comments.

I originally had the tweezers in there, but it looked too obvious. by taking them out, I was hoping for a more subtle effect.

The amount of organs and placement was based on the actual layout of the game.


I can see this getting printed...nice job!


dont like the color too much but id buy it


looks great. ah, sweet nostalgia.


perfect $5


i don't really like the colour of the t-shirt, but otherwise.. and awesome idea.
4 + $


I would soooo buy this if there was better/appropriate placement of pieces.


No adding/moving pieces; they're perfect! I love how they reflect the placement of the real game. I'd buy this, tweezers or no (though I agree with your choice to leave them out). Original, clever, and well executed = a solid 5.


i love it.


I love everything about this shirt!!!! I even bought it in mens to to even GET the khaki color!!!! I love the look of that color on the shirt and I even HATE the color pink......it also looks good w/o the tweezers so I'm glad it was printed the way it was.


It's been DELETED. It'll never see the light of day again, sorry.


whyyyyy?? whyyyyy it's been deleted??

pwned by Hasbro.


I'm selling a worn Girly Medium. Front print and rare Pink color still in perfect condition - no fading. My AIM name is in my profile if you are interested. I have a picture of it. Asking for 50$ OBO

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