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Everybody please remember to vote honestly! A lot of good artists are being voted unfairly and we need to change how people vote.


Very nice concept, I agree with the text :D 5 points! And again I agree with what elissiam said, we have to vote fairly, is a nice and simple way to help each other, like a reward for our work :)


I like it! Nicely done.


great dude!


Scoring everybody 5 isn't any more fair than scoring everybody 1... The illustration is OK, I don't get how it relates to the text though?

PaintPenclPaper profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone. I completely had no idea comments were being left. I need to adjust my settings or something to notify me. @Johnathy, the purpose of the illustration is to be fierce, embrace change and have fun. Life is too short to be cooped in a closet of fear. Hence, a werewolf. I wanted to keep it fun and open for interpretation, so I didn't take a literal approach. Once again, sorry I missed your comments!

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