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loos e the sun all together. its too thick and draws my attention away from the awesomeness of the deer and tree.


I'd would like to see variety between
the sets of deer racks. A deer's antlers
hardly ever look exactly like another
deer's antlers, so all the copying
and mirroring is too repetitive for
my taste.


I'm referring to the tree,
not the sun. Repetition
of the same image around
the sun makes sense.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

The sun seems to draw attention away from the deer and the tree..i just keep staring at it. For me, I think it's because of the black deer sillhouettes in it and the giant gaping hole in the middle...maybe if you try taking the black out and replacing it with a more subtle color (like something between the yellows to reds) it would still be a sun but it wouldn't be screaming "hey look at me!!" I hope that helps somewhat.

I reaaaaally like this shirt...the deer and deer tree are so freakin kickass. And the shadows and use of color are done well too. AND it's on orange! I don't have an orange threadless shirt yet!


perfect. i hate orange, but i would still wear it for this design.


really good i would buy it


I love the sun. I love the dear with the tree. But I don't love them together.


It looks really goofy


I think with minor adjustments the sun could stay and still work (I love the sun, it would be a shame for it to disappear)
Maybe shrink the sun as much as you can without losing detail, and either move it in a little or move the whole image to the left. (or both)
I still give this a 5 as-is


i like the concept.

the sun is a little too distracting - but it shouldn't be tossed altogether.

one thing that's bugging me is that the sun is hottest and therefore brightest at the center - you should start with the lightest color on the inside and get darker towards the outer edges. use the lightest orange as the inner ring (blended with the center) and have one additional ring of the lightest red (the same as the shadows) on the outside. that will decrease the "busy" feeling by simplifying the image.

you might also want to shrink the size of the sun by one-third to half it's current size.

then shift the whole image so that it is centered across the chest.

try those changes and see what you think. i think they may answer most of the problems people have with it as is.


sun on back plz

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