One Small Step for Man, a Few Small Steps for Mank

Design by magno

One Small Step for Man, a Few Small Steps for Mank by magno on Threadless
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It would be veryyyy coool if from the second teleport-machine comes out a man-fly,like in the cronenberg's movie!
I said so because the shape and the style of the teleport-machine looks exactly like the teleport machine invented by Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) in that movie.
Maybe my idea sucks.O___O

Frank Vice

i like this design better than your other one :)


how about a front to back design?

badnobe profile pic Alumni

the prestige...but nice!


A front to back design is a good idea!

Ava Adore

nice illus

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

reminds me of Homer gettin' his beer on that Simpson episode, great work!


Agree with Willish! And maybe a change of colour is in order, to something more lively. Deep blue?
Avery good idea though, about new technology only making us lazier...

magno profile pic Artist

in case it wasn't obvious, the title is "One Small Step for Man, a Few Small Steps for Mankind"


hah, great concept and a sweet piece of illustration.


i really liked the other one the best [in the house] but this one is very nice, although i'd agree with the comments about changing the color scheme.

Edword profile pic Alumni

much better then the other one.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Was that the device used in The Fly (icky movie)?


I was going to make a Prestige comment, but the lambslain and Rica214 beat me to it. I will say that at first glance, I thought these were smoke stacks. I would work on the design of the transporters a little. Not my favorite colors but to each his own. Keep on keepin' on.


wasn't that in the Simpson's, it was like tree house of horror, 3 may be 1,

look for, the Simpson's super fly
on youtube

magno profile pic Artist

it's a matter transporter/teleport machine, like in the movie "The Fly." Really has nothing to do with The Prestige because it's teleporting, not duplicating. Henrik summed up the concept pretty well.

and if you're interested, i have a similar (previous) submission that does reference a joke from The Simpson's episode which included a teleport machine.


Just saw the Spongebob epi today where he and Squidward get fused together in Sandy's Fly-pod invention. Hehehe.....


That clears up the problem. I guess with the Prestige being fresh in the mind, it's what a lot of us are going to go to first.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i'd buy it.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yes, you stole this from the Simpsons episode. AGAIN. And it still doesn't live up to a 100th of that episode. Sorry man, but please try your own idea and give it some more zazz!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

when i hear the name Mank, i think of "RKO561" or whater the number was, the HBO film detailing the making of Citizen Kane who had a writer with the last name of Mankewitz, whom Orson Welles continually calls Mank throughout the film. True story.

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