One Of The Painted

Design by Ellsswhere

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She Says So

really interesting design.

and i think the placement works supprisingly well.


I love the idea, but not the colour. I love COLOUR colours, not bleh colours, and the great part of tattoo flash is usually the fun colours. Heck, I'd love it just in white on a black shirt. I want people to SEE the shirt.


holy crap. How ridiculously cluttered and cliche.


Wow. Add some tribal and you've got the perfect bad tattoo.


reminds me of a great song titled "One Life" by a band calle d The Pillows...

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

wow i really wish i wasnt so compelled to write this... if you could tell me whats cliche about the most classic tattoos symbols in the tattoo world i would love to hear it. Now heres what really is cliche: anything tribal, panthers climbing, chinese writing, barbed wire,

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

I heart mom, looney toon characters, ex girlfriends, celtic crap
tattoos are obviously a matter of taste, they are not pop punk bands like fallout boy that once they become popular are suddenly uncool.
Oh and thanks for cluttering the comments with ihearfiend2 is rude!

unisex pompadore

there are too many clihes here to actually exist in such a small space, so congratualations for finding a way. my only suggestion to you would be to never ever EVER get this scrawled into your chest permanently. i will hunt you down and beat you with a sack of grapefruit.


Interesting that you are designing this for yourself , when I was thinking 'Looks like a shitty tattoo'
Plus , if you are getting it on yourself , would you really want it to be on a shirt for other people to buy?
Not very personal.


someone mentioned this -
IheartFIEND2, at 7:01pm on Mar 3, 2006
i love everything about this except the nautical star, where im from, those stars are associated with the biggest fags around.

i dont love it but instead of calling people the biggest fags around we call them Poo Cats - way to go poo cat - and normally i see tattoos with really clean lines, your live trace or whatever trace program you used must have been set wrong or your scan was too low res


is that the grenade-ish thingy from the new album by those sell outs green day?

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

no... i had to downgrade the quality of the file to get it under 70k... the grenade is a heart grenade... anyways its obvious this sub is a bomb... and no im not actually making this for myself, i was just trying to talk up the design... part of my new test, try and feel out the threadless crowd. Well at any rate go check out my new sub, its the sphinx one.


If it was in a different colour (part from pink) I'd buy it in a heart beat =)

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