One hot minute

Design by keuj

One hot minute by keuj on Threadless
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wotto profile pic Alumni

good use of colours


I think your style is smashing.


I love the colour palette. I think the banner is a little large, maybe try reducing it in size. I like the general shape of the design it has almost a triangle or teardrop feel to it. First thing I thought of was that the flames could be coming out of a cauldron of sorts perhaps? Overall solid. GJ !

I would love to see a forth character in it to resemble the Red Hot Chili Peppers, since they have an album titled the same.


I guess I'm missing a metaphor or music reference somewhere, so all I'm seeing is something from the pit of hell that has 3 clock faces with mustaches that resemble male anatomy. I like the artwork style; just not getting a message.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

This was refused due to the use of gradients. Screen printing machines can't handle that.

biticol profile pic Alumni

That's amazing your style is really stunning.

biticol profile pic Alumni

BTW $5! :D

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