One hot minute

Design by keuj

One hot minute by keuj on Threadless
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good use of colours


I think your style is smashing.


I love the colour palette. I think the banner is a little large, maybe try reducing it in size. I like the general shape of the design it has almost a triangle or teardrop feel to it. First thing I thought of was that the flames could be coming out of a cauldron of sorts perhaps? Overall solid. GJ !

I would love to see a forth character in it to resemble the Red Hot Chili Peppers, since they have an album titled the same.


I guess I'm missing a metaphor or music reference somewhere, so all I'm seeing is something from the pit of hell that has 3 clock faces with mustaches that resemble male anatomy. I like the artwork style; just not getting a message.


This was refused due to the use of gradients. Screen printing machines can't handle that.


That's amazing your style is really stunning.


BTW $5! :D

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