One Eyed Willy

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In Brightest Day
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This all came about one night when Mr. Shakespeare decided to visit the Globe Theatre to see a production of one of his plays. Visiting backstage with the actors someone happened to mention "The Scottish Play" by name, and that's when the "puck" hit the fan. Just as that name was uttered, Shakespeare was distracted by a portly young man in a hawaiian shirt, red jacket, and plaid pants doing a rather odd dance. Shocked by this, Shakespeare failed to notice a stagehand walking by with a rather pointy prop. Without paying attention to where he was going, the stagehand walked directly into the memerized scribe stabbing him in the eye and placing him in his current predicament. Unable to see out of his eye, he borrowed an eye patch from a pirate friend of his. When asked about his situation, he replied that, "It was much ado about nothing".


great idea, congrats

Monster Riot
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Love this, he looks like a proper pirate! 5$

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