One billion years later...

Design by Shaloyou

One billion years later... by Shaloyou on Threadless
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Shaloyou profile pic Artist
Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Hahaha this is superb! Lovin' the contrasting style and depiction of the aliens and egyptian idol.

Shaloyou profile pic Artist

Thank you for your comments, I thought about simulated process for the statue, and 4 colors fors the aliens...

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

ha, yeah those aliens rule

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

hahahah! cool!

Dexter Spandex

definitely original with the contrasting styles.

i'd like to see another sub done completely in the rough doodle style of the aliens


Not sure about the opacity and unclosed-speech bubbles, but nice concept overall.


Well, it's interesting, but I think the style of the aliens and the monument clash a little too much. I suppose conceptually it makes a bit of sense, but stylistically it just doesn't do it for me.

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