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Once upon a war

Design by gameyy

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I hate the shirt color, but the design is gorgeous. Very post-apocalyptic. I especially love that she's reading a book. $5


I think it's universal dude, change the colour to a khaki or so.

But as I said on LJ... great design. I want.


I think this is one of your best designs yet, and I could totally see this getting printed. And the color is fine... khaki would take away from the point it's making.


The denim kinda gives it a peaceful night feel, but seriously man, this is a awesome shirt, oh i just hope this will be in the shop soon so we can all buy


It rocks on pretty much all the colours. The slate seems to deepen the pathos of the image. Beautiful idea, superbly drawn, and very Threadless. How can you lose?


Yes!! Khaki, denim, or sagestone - they're all nice. (I actually like denim the best, personally) I want this shirt so badly.


Great concept. Fiven + $. However, should the tank look a little more dilapidated?


I love the third one, the khaki.

But the gold is beautiful too.

This is very much so a thinking shirt, and a wonderful one at that. It is almost "high art". I wouldn't object to it being displayed in the Louvre.



Love it on the cream and I HATE cream colored shirts.


The original yellow shirt makes me think about mustard.

Sagestone & denim have the sun as a pale yellow which
made me think it was the moon - and the girl would
have a hard time reading by moonlight.

Khaki has a white sun and some camouflage green
on the tank. The best of the color options.

Natural is too bright.


very cool


great job, definately your best submission yet.


sagestone is best, then khaki

the original yellow gives it a much different feeling, but a lot of people just aren't going to want to wear that color tee.

denim and natural are too washed out.


I'd wear this color. I'd wear the color of barf in order to have this design.

But I do love it on yellow--it's so... sunny, and summer, and late afternoon.

I agree with Duran Card: I shall be sorely disappointed in the population of Threadless if this is not printed.

Honestly, wonderful job. Great design, but more importantly, great FEEL. This is amazing.


feel bad for only giving it a 4,
khaki and sagestone is $5.


I dig the design. I think it's really good.

I think I'd like to see it on a darker color though. Perhaps sort of an army green to keep with the theme.

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