On Windy Days

Design by jmaster626

On Windy Days by jmaster626 on Threadless
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playing in the rain
playing in the rain profile pic Alumni

Good job. Looks like it's been largely inspired by the works of Valourandvellum, but looks good never the less.


I really like this, it would be really awesome in all stitching...but I don't think they could do that. Very cool tho.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Looks awesome and great color choices too! $5



Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Nice style 5$

mezo profile pic Alumni

Those clouds are cool! I think the layout, for as flowy as your lines are, is too stagnant. Play with the placement more, perhaps the ship is bigger and more on the bottom while the clouds are higher, giving the design a more floaty look.


This is really cute. I definitely vote for the center position


Center placement, but colours could be clearer. If the clouds were higher up, the drawing could enlarged without making the shirt look funny, and then it'll be nicer ;)


I like the clouds the most in this design. I wish the line weight
for the tree was closer to the rest of the design. It (the tree)
appears to have been reduced in size before becoming part of
the ship.

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