On the way to Granny's Office

Design by WanderingBert

On the way to Granny's Office by WanderingBert on Threadless
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i know it's picky but why is his tie around his waist?


This is kinda awesome, and I hope it gets printed. it took a while before I realized that nutcrackers were originally designed to crack nuts, and not as christmas ornaments. it's much better to use a peanut, because a walnut could easily be confused for a rock. or a pecan.


i like the nutcracker and the overall composition - the nut needs work - a harder nut like a walnut would be better (although mr. peanut is easily recognizable) - if it stays a peanut - the tie should be higher, and because the tie is facing forward, there should be a face - 4

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This is quality stuff. yeah, a slightly altered mr. peanut lookalike (i dont know, put the monocle on the OTHER eye. lol.) would def clear up some confusion on what is going on in the scene. That is by far the scariest looking nutcracker ive seen since that clip on youtube of some kid jumping on a spiked fence and landing on his.


very good. you have some superbly interesting subs.


I think you should maybe make the peanut's limbs a darker color. I love this sub

red juju

$5! Absolutely fabulous.

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Thanks for the comments and sugestions so far, most of the sugestions that have been made I had actually tried.

-The tie is around his waist because it lost its "nuttiness" by too definately defining a head.

-The reason I have used a peanut is because it is the most easily recognisable nut, and also because a nutcracker poses an even greater threat to a peanut than a walnut, Like a wolf to a little girl. I may try a resub with a different nut.

Thanks for your constructive thoughts.


Yeah, this is amazing. The colors are great and it's wonderfully creepy. I agree that it should be an almond or something tho.

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How did this get less than a two?

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