On The Prowl

Design by Afromation

On The Prowl by Afromation on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i find it a bit distracting that the background is just one image of a tree pasted twice
and that the bottom three wolves have been filtered to look like they're drawn.

i wrote that out before i realized who this was made by and i feel bad for giving you a hard time about your recent subs but i still think you're one of the most talented drawers here and i really really wish you would do this by hand.


maybe the outline could be made more to look like a lightning bolt..you know, to emphasize how badass this is.


I agree with ginette. Love the idea but the line through the tree in particular is quite jarring.



Jemae profile pic Alumni
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awesome concept! + interesting design! five! :D

dacat profile pic Alumni

Actually looks really good on the model!


this is amazing, if this gets printed, i'm buying it

mezo profile pic Alumni

I'm going to skip voting on this design because it seems you forgot to smooth the seam between the background trees...and you accidentally (I hope) blurred bottom 3 wolf feets. The idea & layout are there- but this needs refining.


cool, very different


I'm with mezo on this but I still like this design. I think it looks incredible on the shirt.


Artistically, there are just so many things wrong with this. Fix everything people have already mentioned. Please.

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