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on the clouds by cuypi on Threadless
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biticol profile pic Alumni

i'd love to wear it, and MOST OF ALL i'd like to dedicate a word to all the guys that place the in my opinion stupid excuse that they dislike the shirt's colour and give less because of it: threadless decides at the end which colour and placement and even if it's important that doesn't change the quality of the submission, what they're talking about is only an OPTION and if they want to say they dislike or envy the design, just say it but don't give that sort of excuse.

Moreover, in my opinion I'll wear it maybe in a grey or light blue shirt, but the important thing is I'll wear it and will love to see it printed.
Great job. Nice colours, good design and treatment. A $5.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

if you think real hard on this youll realize it only makes sense on white . its called "on the clouds" right ? .. what color are clouds (traditionally, I know they can also be grey if theyre rain clouds) .. say it with me now..... WHITE... so quit yer bitching suck it up and wear a white shirt cause this is a fun, well done, and interesting design


i like it. is it supposed to say something in the middle?


at first i thought that the nessy in the lake spelled out "jobs" or "jobi". to fix it, i'd just remove the reflection, and maybe add a water ripple.

very, very cute. I want it 'cause it makes me happy.


i like the design a lot, but i wouldn't buy it b/c of the rainbow 5 tho

cuypi profile pic Artist

He say nothing is just nessy ;)

Ava Adore

damn cute!

i love this

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Love the Loch Ness monster.

sveninho profile pic Alumni

love it even it reminds me "Water, just water"


I love it.
I did spend quite a while trying to figure out what it said in the lake ("...JOBE?") before seeing the serpent... I think it adds to the confusion that it's the only thing with a reflection. The smiling landmass is awesome, and I like that the rainbow is a bit off-kilter.




Firstly, why do they make it so hard to post a comment on any of the 12 month tees.

Secondly, anyone else find this tee to be extremely long, longer then all the other 12 month tees.

Anyway, nice design.



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